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Thank you for wanting to put an extra smile on my face! I absolutely love surprises, big or small and it happens to be my birthday soon! (March-Pisces-Girl)

Just email me for my PoBox details if you can’t be the mailman yourself!


Here are my current crushes and material obsessions! Scroll down for more general ideas and suggestions, big and small.

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 14.49.02.png

Baseball inspired high heeled boots? So very very cool. I see short denim shorts and strutting through big cities.


Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 14.16.36.png

It’s called BOY bag but is for a GIRL. It is bold and shiny and gold and dark. It is cute and delicate but also sturdy and tough. I can identify and I am madly in love.


Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 15.29.30.png

It’s a classic. It fits into the Cabin. It also fits a blue bag and some baseball inspired high heeled boots. And it fits to it’s larger brother that I travel on larger trips with. That’s three “fits”.



This little number doesn’t even need a pitch, does it?



No comment. Except: gasp!


For more general and versatile gifting I really love receiving giftcards to Net-a-Porter. Other giftcards that are highly appreciated and loved are

SPA Resort Zur Bleiche (Berlin SPA)

Vabali (Berlin) (Spa)

Furniture and Design (I am currently redesigning my home!)

and KaDeWe (Berlin) for Gourmet grocery shopping (gosh, I love eating good food…)

For something more personal, you could pick something of my wishlist and watch me try it on for the first time when you hand it to me. And if that isn’t possible, just ask for the details to my PoBox for delivery.

I also love. . .

Dyptique Candles, Chanel lipsticks and lipgloss in rosé and red shades, all the chocolates and all the bath and body oils!

I am totally addicted to books as well, but because my tastes seem to be all over the place and hard to pin down (even for me) the best way to gift me books is via sending your personal favorites or a giftcard to a European book shop.

Lastly, I like to drink great rum, bourbon and champagne and I am addicted to fine coffee, chocolates and cheese!