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First impressions are important and I understand that these emails can be nerve racking. Just treat this like any other online dating scenario and email me like you would email a friend you are hoping to make. And please remember that the following info should be included in order to receive a reply:

Who you are: I am curious to get to know you ! Write as little or much about yourself as you like but make sure to at least provide your full legal name, age and a few words about yourself. If additionally you can mention where you found me, that would be super appreciated.

Verification: Please send 2-3 References of companions you have met recently. Make sure to include their current website and email. Alternatively, you may get verified via your employment information. Refer to details on how to do so.

Where, when, what, how in all the excitement of first encounters please remember to tell me when you would like to meet me, where and for how long. Let me know which hotel you are staying at or if you'd like me to arrange for a place.


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Name, website, email, date of last meet
Name, website, email, date of last meet
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